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Stop paying RETAIL prices for hearing aids!

We believe good hearing shouldn’t break the bank and that everyone deserves access to top quality hearing aids.  The current retail model limits affordable access to care by bundling services.  This inflates the cost of care and creates large upfront fees for service that you may or may not use.  Because of this many patients either purchase old or lower technology, go into debt, or ignore getting help completely!  Shop us and compare.

30 Day free trial with ZERO down - Latest technology - Our low overhead saves you on average 60%

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The return of the House Call

Waiting in busy traffic or driving in bad weather is a thing of the past.
With our unique model we've brought back house calls but with a modern twist. Our testing and initial fitting will be done in the comfort of your home or office and verified with real ear measurements.
Follow up adjustments can all be done remotely no matter where you are.

Unitron Moxi B9-R (Premium Level)

Meet Blu our newest platform featuring our highly advanced signal processing system, Integra OS. With easy personalization, made-for-all connectivity and sleek new styles, you can offer life-enhancing hearing solutions that are ready for anything.

$3500 PAIR - 3 Year Warranty

Phonak Audeo P90-R (Premium Level)

Phonak Audéo Paradise is equipped for universal connectivity. It provides direct connectivity to iOS and Android smartphones, TVs, Roger devices and wireless accessories. This allows for a spectrum of possibilities for hearing aid wearers as compatibility is practically limitless.

$4300 PAIR - 3 Year Warranty

Signia 7AX Charge and Go (Premium Level)

This miniature RIC hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ear.  It's nearly invisible, connects directly to your iPhone and can stream the TV wirelessly to both ears in Dolby Digital.  It comes with an easy to use App that allows you to adjust the volume or change the hearing aid program setting. 

$3500 PAIR - 3 Year Warranty - Compare our price to Miracle Ear!

Widex Moment 440 (Premium Level)


This hearing aid evolves in real life to keep getting smarter. Interactive options help you intuitively shape your listening experience, putting you in full control if you want to be.  Looking good and hearing well has never been so quick and simple.

$3500 PAIR - 3 Year Warranty

Better hearing in three simple steps

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If you have thought about hearing aids or wished you could hear those around you better, this is your chance. Try our hearing aids free for 30 days and experience for yourself how hearing better can lead to living better!

Our 30-day Free Hearing Aid Trial Program allows you to wear your hearing aids in the comfort of your own home, and out in your life for a full 30 days.

If you feel that you have not noticed the improvement you need from your new hearing instruments, you may return them.

It’s our guarantee to you that we will make you hear better, or you don’t pay us a dime!

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