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Digital Hearing Aid Styles

In today’s technologically advanced society, we are afforded a multitude of benefits. As your digital hearing aid specialists, ION offers affordable hearing aids that fit your needs. Assistive listening devices come in many shapes and forms. Based on the severity of your hearing loss, some styles of aids will be more beneficial to restore hearing. Although there are a few types and specialties of hearing aids, we will focus on the main receiver styles. Each one brings different benefits to the table, and one might be perfect for you!

Behind The Ear

BTE hearing aids consist of a component case that rests behind your ear with a connected earmold that fits snugly within the outer ear. This is a very common hearing enhancement tool that fits all ages. Advancements in technology have given BTEs the ability to help people with mild to severe hearing loss. This device has more amplification capabilities than other styles. ION Hearing offers a plethora of BTE devices, including rechargeable hearing aids.

Receiver In The Ear

RITE hearing aids are universal pieces that fit completely within your outer ear. Often smaller than standard devices, these tools serve people with mild to severe hearing loss. The surface size of RITE aids bring both benefits and drawbacks. Unlike mini devices, these guys can utilize a bigger battery and have features such as volume control. However, they also are more visually seen and may pick up wind interference.

Receiver In Canal

RIC hearing aids rest within the ear canal. Similar to BTE hearing aids, this style utilizes a behind-the-ear box that is connected to the receiver via thin tubing. Because of its proximity to the eardrum, RIC devices produce a clearer, less interrupted sound. RICs are placed either in the canal orcompletely in the canal. From a technical sense, RICs can be considered BTEs due to their housing behind the ear. Receiver in canal devices, though, provide a much smaller, lighter product. Be warned, though, that RICs are not recommended for children due to their size changes. Spending money on a canal receiver may end up all being for naught in six months!

Open Fit Receivers

A less common version of the BTE hearing aid, this style keeps the ear canal open. Keeping the canal free allows for lower pitched sounds to be naturally picked up while the higher frequencies are amplified via the receiver. This choice is available for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Due to its setup, those with heavier hearing damage will be displeased with open fit receivers. The freedom and invisibility of open fit receivers may be perfect for you.


No matter your need, the right hearing aid is out there. Different needs and preferences drive the variety of products available. ION Hearing specializes in digital hearing aids and is your guide for better audible faculties. Check out our inventory today to see which device meets your unique needs. Happy hearing!