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Starkey Halo 2 Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

Starkey Hearing Technologies has released its most advanced wearable hearing solutions to date, “Made for Life,” which are powered by the company’s new Synergy platform and Acuity OS operating system. Starkey’s “Made for Life” launch includes the next generation of Made for iPhone hearing aids, Halo 2.

Starkey’s Halo 2 group of products and accessories.

Powered by our TruLink 2.4 GHz wireless hearing technology, Halo 2 Made for iPhone hearing aids are designed to enable connectivity with iPhone, and select Android devices, providing high-definition audio and allowing patients to stay connected to the people and things they love most. Halo 2’s release is accompanied by the latest version of the TruLink Hearing Control app, TruLink 3.0. With TruLink and Halo hearing aids, patients can wirelessly stream phone calls, music, and media, control hearing aid volume and memories, create personalized and geotagged hearing aid memories, adjust sound settings in any environment, and locate lost or misplaced Halo devices. Two additional features are new to TruLink Hearing Control 3.0: a new tinnitus treatment whereby integrated controls allow users to control the volume and modulation rate of the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology; and Real-Time Notifications that let users hear email, calendar, message, and social notifications directly through their Halo 2 hearing aids.* (*Only with Apple devices.)