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The Importance Of Correcting Hearing Now Part 1

For many people, the causes of hearing loss can vary greatly. Often times, people are less than eager to get the issue checked out or are even unaware of the subtle changes over time. As a provider of quality digital hearing aids, Ion Hearing has heard it all (pun not intended). Our innovative system allows patients to buy hearing aids online and receive the perfect fit at their nearby audiologist’s office. While our goal of restoring your hearing with an assistive listening device is the top priority, it’s important to note that calling for medical assistance is the first step. Not only is proper hearing vital for avoiding feelings of isolation and injuries, studies have recently been published that put the importance of hearing at a higher level. Today, we’ll look into some of these unseen hazards with the goal of motivating people to come get their hearing checked sooner rather than later.


The link between hearing loss and depression has been at the center of several credible studies, and the results are often not positive. A study from Johns Hopkins Medicine found that older adults who were suffering from hearing loss were nearly 60 percent more likely to undergo bouts of stress, poor self-esteem, and depression. Several other studies give credence to this statement, but the ages that hearing loss affects are much wider in variety. Essentially, all humans are much more likely to be depressed when dealing with hearing loss.



Statistics show that aging adults are much more likely to suffer injuries from falling when dealing with hearing loss issues. The reasoning behind this is that a lot of focus is put into listening, taking the focus away from other important faculties. The simple act of walking and keeping your balance can be compromised if you are unable to receive the sounds around you. Another issue facing citizens with hearing loss is the ability to hear and react to potentially dangerous situations. Traversing a busy street can be a much more dangerous affair if you are unable to hear the warning signs of car horns or tires screeching. In all, the inherent risks involved with being unable to hear add up.


Dementia Chances

A surprising statistic that has resulted from a recent study by Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Aging is that aging adults who are suffering from hearing loss are much more likely to succumb to dementia over their healthy hearing cohorts. While the connection between these two are unknown at this time, professionals are able to hazard a few guesses, ranging from the link between social isolation and dementia to the structure of the brain and its adverse reaction to strained hearing over the course of several years.

While these three concerns around hearing loss are serious, simple hearing enhancements can do much to help. Ion Hearing is here to provide a wide selection of quality digital hearing aids for our patients’ benefit. Next time, our blog will look at additional negatives that can be mitigated by using one of our HD hearing aids. If you suspect you are suffering from hearing loss, it’s vitally important to set an appointment and get tested as soon as possible. If you are looking for a digital hearing aid, feel free to browse our inventory today!