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Widex Unique - Break the Sound Barrier

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Leaves rustling, a clock ticking, a whisper from your spouse or grandchild are all sounds that become more difficult to hearing when we suffer from a hearing loss.  When we don’t hear properly we can miss out on conversations and memories that are important to us.  No matter the cause of the hearing loss, Widex is here to brighten the world around you and improve the quality of your life.  Don’t let hearing loss stop you from doing the things you love.  Ion Hearing is proud to offer a full line of the Widex Unique products.

From the highs to the lows, the Widex Unique is a hearing aid that reacts quickly to sudden changes and really works when needed most – in noisy environments an extremely quiet situations.  Widex Unique 440 provides the best sound capturing in the industry with less distortion and more of sounds you need.  The powerful soft level noise reduction reduces bothersome soft noises to provide excellent sound quality. 

Widex is one of the top manufactures of hearing aids in the world.  The Widex Unique comes in two styles the Passion, which is smaller and uses a small #10 battery and the Fusion which uses the more popular #312 battery.  The Fusion has a push button that allows you to adjust the volume or change the program.  The compact DEX not only allows for hands free phone operation but you can also control the hearing aid through your iPhone.

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