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Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn S1

Is the newest Oticon Hearing Aid that uses the revolutionary BrainHearing technology.  These brain inspired hearing aids mimic how you naturally process sound giving you clean crisp speech.

This revolutionary new hearing aid with BrainHearing technology, which allows people with hearing loss to not only hear better without having to work as hard buy they also remember more of what is being said. 

Oticon hearing aid supplies

We offer a full line of Oticon accessories like streamers for TV and cellphones.

Oticon Opn S1, a small, discreet hearing aid, is a powerhouse of innovative technology that expertly manages multiple speech and noise sources.

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Manufacturer & Model Average Competitors Pricing (PER PAIR) Our Price! (PER PAIR) As Low As
Oticon Opn S1 $6,100-7,800 $3,499 $123/mo.*
Oticon Opn S2 $4,500-5,800 $2,999 $106/mo.*
Oticon Opn S3 $4,100-5,500 $2,499 $88/mo.*


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