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Sonic Innovations Hearing Aids

Sound That's Natural

Enjoy everyday life with fewer distractions.

Easier listening, with clear, detailed sound — Captivate recognizes and cancels feedback and background noise, bringing the sounds you want to hear to the foreground.

Speech Understanding in Noise

Keep the conversation going in many environments.

Advanced Sonic SoundDNA technologies separate speech from background noise automatically to keep conversations clear even in noisy environments.

Connect directly to the world of wireless. Captivate is a Made for iPhone® device so you can stream entertainment and news directly to your hearing aids. In fact, we offer a full line of accessories so you can connect to virtually any Bluetooth wireless smartphone or device you may want to use.

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Manufacturer & Model Average Competitors Pricing (PER PAIR) Our Price! (PER PAIR) As Low As
Sonic Captivate 100 $6,100-7,800 $2,999 $123/mo.*
Sonic Captivate 80 $4,500-5,800 $2,999 $106/mo.*
Sonic Captivate 60 $4,100-5,500 $2,499 $88/mo.*


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