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High-resolution sensors and top-class signal processing: at last, High Definition technology for the ears. The first family of products to appear with this advanced technology is the Moxi by Unitron. Its complex Discover chip technology provides intelligent, energy-efficient signal processing, which works in combination with high-performance algorithms to create a first-class binaural hearing experience. Pure clarity. One of Moxi's most exciting features is the improved SoundNav 3.0 classifier, which uses over 30 sensors to identify acoustic environments more precisely than ever before. The SoundNav 3.0 program then automatically selects the optimum hearing system settings for that environment. In short: Unitron's new Moxi technology powered by Discover technology allows a uniquely precise hearing experience of unmatched quality.


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Unitron D Moxi 9 $6,100-7,800 $3,499 $123/mo.*
Unitron D Moxi 7 $4,500-5,800 $2,999 $106/mo.*
Unitron D Moxi 5 $4,100-5,500 $2,499 $88/mo.*


Unitron Moxi B9-R Rechargeable RIC (Reciever-In-Canal) Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi B9-R Rechargeable RIC (Reciever-In-Canal) Hearing Aid
from $ 1,750.00 $ 3,199.00