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Noahlink Wireless

$ 199.00

Noahlink Wireless is a new industry-standard programming interface based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard., also known as Bluetooth Smart.

This means that Noahlink Wireless can provide completely wireless programming between your computer and BLE enabled hearing instruments.

Noahlink Wireless can be used to program BLE enabled hearing instruments from several different hearing instrument companies, and the number is growing.

 Compatible with most Bluetooth hearing devices including:

Signia Pure 312 X, Pure Charge&Go X, Pure Charge&Go Nx, Pure 312 Nx, Pure 13 Nx, Pure 13 BT Primax.

Phonak Audeo-D (Direct), Audeo-M (Marvel)

Oticon OPN, OPNs

Resound Quattro, Linx 3D, Enzo 3D, LiNX2, LiNX, ENZO2, ENZO

Sonic Innovations Enchant, Captivate

Starkey Livio, Halo2, Halo

For a complete like of licensed manufacturers visit www.himsa.com and click on "Noahlink Wireless"