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Phonak Audeo Marvel M90-RT (PAIR)

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Phonak Audéo Marvel M90- RT focuses on what clients expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multi-functional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound.

Clear, rich sound

Featuring the new generation of Phonak technology, Marvel hearing aids recognize and automatically adapt to precisely match more listening situations than ever before. With AutoSense OS 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology, you can enjoy better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Audéo Marvel can connect directly to either iOS or Android smartphones or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. With Phonak TV Connector, a simple plug and play solution your clients can enjoy their favorite TV programs and movies. They can use their Marvel hearing aids for hands-free calls and for listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more. Always in top rated sound quality when streaming. It’s just like using wireless headphones – except maybe even better, because Marvel hearing aids can distinguish between streamed speech and music signals, and automatically adjust to give an optimized sound quality.

Rechargeable technology

Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel is easy to use, quick to charge and offers a full day of hearing including streaming. They switch on automatically when removed from the charger and turn off when placed back in the charging case.


Phonak Audeo Marvel hearing aids were created to simplify your life and make hearing effortless. What makes Audeo M so special is its unique operating system called AutoSense OS 3.0. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way. All you have to do is turn them on, and the rest is automatic. And with the rechargeable Audeo M-RT, you can now enjoy 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge.  Simplifying life with a simply brilliant battery solution that last longer and won’t deteriorate even after years of repeated charging.  Finally a chance to free yourself from the hassles of disposable batteries


 Features included in every product

  • Adaptive directional microphones
  • Feedback suppression
  • Noise management to reduce harsh unwanted sounds
  • Manual programs
  • Advanced nano coating to prevent damage from dirt and moisture

What's included

  • Three-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Free technical support

What's in the box

  • Two brand new Hearing aid programmed to your unique hearing loss. Email audiogram to support@ionhearing.com
  • A hard sided case with cleaning supplies
  • An assortment of domes

Shipping & Payment

  • Hearing aids should arrive within one week of order
  • Flexible monthly payments through CareCredit



The Phonak Audeo M90-RT is the most advanced hearing aid on the market.  It provides superior Phonak sound quality and features.

AutoSense 3.0 (7 automatic programs)

  1. Calm Situation - Provides optimal gain for speech understanding and listening comfort when engaging in one-on-one conversations in quiet.
  2. Speech in Noise - Adapts and reduces noise from behind in real time and applies and optimizes the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in noisy environments.
  3. Speech in Loud Noise - Zooms in on a single voice in a noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility. 
  4. Speech in Car - Reduces broadband noise in the car to create a stable listening environment for easy communication, reduced effort.
  5. Comfort in Noise - Actively reduces noise for increased comfort when no speech is present.
  6. Comfort in Echo -Recognizes the frequency of any reverberation and applies the appropriate amount of gain reduction, resulting in less distortion, making speech more comfortable.
  7. Music - Offers an expanded dynamic range, slow compression speed and more gain for a fuller and richer music experience.

Manual Programs:

  1. T-Coil - Connection to induction-loop systems used in theaters, houses of worship, and large auditoriums. 
  2. Speech in Wind - Better speech understanding even on a windy day. 
  3. Speech in 360 - Automatically selects the direction of speech and streams this to the other ear, improving speech intelligibility without the need to face the speaker.
  4. Speech in Loud Noise - Zooms in on a single voice in a diffuse noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility.
  5. Acoustic Phone - The key feature DuoPhone streams the signal in real time to the other ear so the caller's voice is heard in both ears with an average benefit of 3.1 dB SNR.


Other features:

Noise Block - Reduces uncomfortable environmental noise. 

Whistle Block - differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback. This means increased audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback.

Ultra Zoom Premium - is the adaptive multi-channel beamforming technology, which improves speech intelligibility within noisy situations.

Sound Recover - compresses high-frequencies in order to restore high-frequency sounds that would otherwise be inaudible.

Real Ear Sound - simulates the performance characteristics of the pinna. This restores localization and the ability to experience natural sound perception.

Wind Block - utilizes a wind identification and classification system, that automatically and adaptively suppresses wind noise.

Sound Relax - cushions otherwise unpleasant impulse sounds without affecting speech clarity or causing unnatural perception of other sounds.

Echo Block - improves listening experience in reverberant environments like large assembly halls, places of worship and rooms with reflective surfaces.

Stereo Zoom - Zooms in on a single voice in a diffuse noisy environment, improving speech intelligibility by up to 60%.

Zoom Control - Automatically selects the direction of speech and streams this to the other ear, improving speech intelligibility without the need to face the speaker.

Duo Phone - Improves understanding on the phone by automatically streaming the caller's voice to the other ear, so that the voice is heard in both ears simultaneously.

Water Resistant

Appropriate for mild to severe hearing losses. Please email your hearing test so we can program them for you.


2 Phonak Audeo M90-RT Hearing Aid's

10 Domes

1 Cases

Owners Manual

3 Year Warranty

45 Day Return Period