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Phonak PartnerMic

Phonak PartnerMic for sale online Easy-to-use lapel worn microphone for one-to-one conversations. With integrated Phonak AirStream technology, clients can benefit from clear speech streamed to their Marvel, Paradise, or Blu hearing aids.
Easy to use
  • Pair the PartnerMic with the hearing aids by simply switch it on and hold the PartnerMic close to the hearing aids.
  • Once paired it works automatically when turned on
  • Up to 25 meter range between speaker and listener
  • 6 hours use
  • 2 hours to recharge
Perfect for conversations
Gives improved SNR over short distance and moderate levels of environmental noise, perfect for one-to-one conversations.
Innovative design to ensure the best signal
PartnerMic is optimized to be worn 20 cm from the speaker’s mouth. It automatically chooses the beam that gives the best SNR regardless of position.
AirStream technology
The proprietary 2.4 GHz streaming protocol provides energy efficient audio streaming from the PartnerMic to a pair of Marvel hearing aids.