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Signia Charge and Go 7AX

Color: Silver
Ear: Left

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Signia Charge and Go 7AX $6,100-7,800 $3,999 $123/mo.*
Charge and Go 5AX $4,500-5,800 $3,500 $106/mo.*
Charge and Go 3AX $4,100-5,500 $2,500 $88/mo.*


Pure Charge&Go AX

  •  60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  •  3 Year Warranty & Loss/Damage Insurance
  •  Free Programming & Set up
  •  Free Shipping in the US
  •  2-Year Supply Of Domes & Wax Filters
  •  Lifetime Hearing Aid Service, Tune-ups and Adjustments

The Signia Charge&Go AX is the latest and greatest technology Signia has to offer. The New AX line is the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid that is full of features. The Augmented or AX platform includes two independent processors. Traditional hearing aids have processed all sounds through one processor. The issue with this, is that all the signals through the one processor are competing against each other. The Augmented Xperience platform has two dedicated processors. Each processor can optimize on different parts of sound and speech without compromising the other. One processor is for Focus Sounds, which includes relevant parts of speech in a conversation. The second processor is Surroundings to help with awareness. 

Augmented Xperience Chip Benefits

  • Modern sophisticated charger that allows charging on the go
  • 2 Audiological core processors
  • 60% Reduced binaural latency
  • 27% More electric circuits
  • 110% Increased binaural audio transfer rate
  • 22% Longer battery run time