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Signia AX MiniReceivers 3.0

Size: 0
Ear: Left
Power: M

Our new EarWear 3.0 offers a higher physical fit rate, improved cosmetics and better retention

Higher physical fit rate

  • Softer eartips and smaller receivers allow deeper insertion at high comfort, even into small ear canals.

Cosmetically appealing

  • Improved cable/tube bending and in-ear position ensures a closer fit on the ear, making it less visible. Every variant is available in the lengths 0-4.

Better retention

  • A special bending of the cable/tube and its outlet locks the acoustic coupling reliably into the ear canal, with no lateral migration and no need for an anchor.

New eartips and new sleeves

  • Compatible with miniReceiver 3.0 and ThinTube 3.0 and easier for your clients to exchange (compared to click domes).
  • The sleeve portfolio has been extended by a Power option - ensuring optimal acoustical coupling also for severe hearing losses. Compatible with ThinTube 3.0 and miniReceiver 3.0.

Smaller hearing aids

  • Introduction of a substantially smaller plug allows for smaller RIC designs overall.
Improved usability
  • The improved interface makes the new Eartips & Sleeves much easier for consumers to exchange (compared to click-domes).