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Sonic Captivate 100 Hearing Aid (PAIR)

$ 2,999.00

Sonic Captivate Instinctively Smart.

Premium hearing aids and performance at a fraction of the cost.  Save over 60% compared to Oticon OPN S1

The Sonic Captivate brightens everyday hearing experiences with incredibly adaptive, flexible, and automatic technologies. Built on Sonic’s most powerful platform to date, Captivate aligns premium features with astoundingly natural sound.  

Sonic has four goals when releasing a new product

• Sound That’s Natural 
• Speech Understanding in Noise 
• Simplicity in All We Do 
• Style That Stands Out

We offer the best hearing aids on the market at a lower price.  All testing, fitting, and follow ups will be done in the comfort of your home.  Online prices with local service.