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TV PLAY streams direct stereo to WIDEX 2.4 GHz-enabled hearing devices, including the EVOKE RIC 312 D and BTE 13 D. With TV PLAY, your EVOKE wearers can enjoy important TV moments. Just play and stay connected.


Whether EVOKE wearers want to watch their favorite sports or relax with a movie, TV PLAY helps them get outstanding TV sound streamed directly into their ears.

The patent-pending dual antenna technology ensures great streaming stability, so EVOKE wearers will never miss out on important TV moments.


Watching TV with TV PLAY, makes TV more enjoyable.  Your patients can easily watch TV with family and friends at a level that is personalized and comfortable for them. 

TV PLAY program and volume can be controlled via the push button on their hearing aid, with an RC-DEX control or via their smartphone app.  Controlling TV PLAY via smartphone app provides additional control options to balance TV volume with ambient sounds or conversation. 


Too many devices in your home entertainment space? With its minimalistic, elegant and award-winning design, TV PLAY fits naturally into their home and lifestyle. They can choose to display it or place it discreetly behind the TV.